Welcome to Sun Charters

Over the course of almost 20 years of operation, Sun Charters and Atabeyra have become the private charter specialists in the Turks and Caicos Islands.

While Atabeyra is the primary private charter choice of all the up-market resorts on Grace Bay (and beyond), this unique little ship is also the residents’ choice for private charter cruising.

So for that special occasion, or just to relax with a select group of friends and family, let us customize a trip for you. Atabeyra accommodates up to 50 guests and has catered to as few as 1. (for larger groups we arrange for another vessel to sail with us).

We also offer weekly public sailing excursions.


Beginning to feel a lot like Christmas...just 17 shopping days and the only thing I want is the same weather we've had for the past week! Join us tomorrow for our Sail & Snorkel...10 to 2:30 pm. Happy Hour Sunset on Friday...4:40 to 6:40 pm. Contact Cap'n Phil N. Daspirit @ 231 0624 to reserve space.

Very thankful for a full year of "Atlantic Time"...we start gaining minutes end-of-day tomorrow. So join us tonight for the earliest Sunset of the year...4:40 to 6:40 pm. Contact Cap'n Rollin Tootampa @ (649) 231 0624 to reserve space.

National Holiday tomorrow and what promises to be a quick sail downwind into the setting sun. Leaving da dock @ 4:45 pm.

Looking like a blustery Thanksgiving folks but the sun should be shining so we are still planning to sail. Join us on Thursday, Nov 24th for our Sail & Snorkel...10 to 2:30 pm. And on Friday our Happy Hour Sunset...4:45 to 6:45 pm. Contact Cap'n Tripp Toephin @ (649) 231 0624 to reserve space.